About Us

"There is no passion to be found playing small...

in settling for life that is less than the one you are capable of living”

Nelson Mandela

Why choose a DavIn Partnership?

A Leadership of Life Approach

As we maneuver through our lives, both personally and professionally we are all challenged with embracing self-awareness and change for elevated success to reach our goals.  By building a foundation that focuses on being a leader of our lives, we can lead our lives through daily intention and courageously live up to the vision we have for ourselves.

These testimonials from DavIn Experience Partners, intentionally leading their lives, articulate the why…

G. Kaur, Life Leader and Fortune 500 Corporate Leader

"Davi's coaching changed my life. She challenged me, while showing how much she cares. I gained courage to elevate my leadership in my personal and professional life. I am so fortunate to have started and continue our partnership."

T. Dishman, Life Leader and Leadership Business Owner

"When you sit in a leadership class with Davi as the facilitator, the experience will be impactful. Davi challenged me to examine myself and my professional development, which encouraged my growth. Her use of tools and methodologies helps individuals address both negative and positive impacts, utilizing effective coaching that leads to self examination and awareness. My life leadership is richer through our partnership."

D. Phinney, Life Leader and Fortune 50 Corporate Leader

"My experiences with Davi led me to model her approaches. Our continued partnership provides insights for impacting my career development, branding, and networking. She does not simply teach, she shares advice that challenges you through her inspirational presence."

Davi Machen

Owner & Consultant

Davi accredits her courageousness to living through two near death experiences.  Having the grit to elevate through adversary has increased her passion for living an intentional life, and sharing methods to usher others through vulnerability for leading harmonious lives.  Her testimonials speak to her ability to help people change their lives and her talent to move individuals, teams, and groups to do what they do not want to do, to get where they want to go. Her grit, passion, and ability to energize inspires, initiates intention, and influences lives.

Davi’s expertise comes, not only from her own journey, but also her years of training, education, and from the 100’s of lives she has impacted through her coaching, mentoring, and development; in one-on-one collaborative planning conversations, classroom and virtual experiences, public speaking and presentations. Living a courageous life has given her the innate skills of guiding individuals out of their comfort zones, reinforcing a journey of living a more fulfilled life and truly “going for it”. At DavIn Consulting, this is called being a leader of your life, leading our lives through daily intention and courageously living up to the vision we have for ourselves.

Davi helps individuals to minimize the fear of change through emotional intelligence resources, self-awareness, and managing vulnerability. Her investment in others leads to success through the creation of specialized journeys, gaining agreements for follow through, and accountability; leveling up success rates.

Virtual Courses

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The DavIn Experience begins with consultation conversation. Completing an assessment to determine if a partnership for development is the right move.


Sometimes an in person session is just what you need to embrace the full experience. Select from existing Leadership of Life programs, or ask about specializations…