Extended DISC

Creating success in our lives depends a lot on how effectively we interact with other people. At times these interactions can seem effortless, but at other times they can be much more difficult.

Increasing our engagement with others, is rooted in self-awareness. Extended DISC provides a model, through the four DISC styles for increasing our awareness helping us to elevate our interactions for increased success.

What is DISC?

The DISC model divides people into four main behavioral styles. Individuals are identified as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. The styles are further distinguished as Reserved or Active. The resulting behavioral styles are called:


  • D – Style: Dominance
  • I – Style: Influence
  • S – Style: Steadiness
  • C – Style: Correctness

The DISC model is based on the research of Carl Gustav Jung. He created groundbreaking work on human behavior, referenced in his 1921 book, Psychological types.  Over time, organizations like Extended DISC, have used this research to create and advance models for increased understanding in our behavior impact.

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What's Next?

A consultation session is the next step. You can get your questions answered, and I can ensure that Extended DISC is right for your needs. Do you want to take the assessment for yourself? Include a family member? Your work team? Lets discuss options.

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Take the Assessment

Your first steps after making the decision to move forward with DISC, is to take the assessment. The assessment only take 10 minutes. Upon completion, and receipt of your electronic copy. You will begin to embrace new information, and self-awareness for your journey to elevating your daily interactions.