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A sisterhood of women on intentional journeys. Walking hand in hand, near or far, inspiring each other to make dreams reality.

Dream/Vision Board Party 2019

The LOEW New Year Kick-Off Together Creating Visions for Success!

What a great way to build positive energy and elevate plans for increased success. This event was beyond memorable. See some League member expressions below and consider organizing your own Dream/Vision Board event.

Dream/Vision Board Event Expressions

what the event did for me

More League Event Photos

Holiday Camaradarie

Davi, Heidi M., & Kat

Why Limit Happy to an Hour?

Lisa, Tanya, Kat, Tam, Heidi M., Davi, & Jody

These women fix each others crown, without being asked.

After the NAMIC Panel Event Celebration

Jody, Susan, Heidi C., Davi, Lisa, and Heidi M.

Supporting Vitalant's End of Year Success

Susan & Davi

These women give their time with inspiration.

Garden Party Brunch Connection

Jody, Lisa, Davi, & Heidi M.

It's not a Garden Without Flowers!

A bouquet of attendees favorite flowers

Calming Fountain Added Ambiance

In Memory of Jody's Dad

League Connection and Gift Giving


Supporting Business Success

The League Proudly Supporting Trish Dishman

These women are the kind of women who make others want to up their game.

League Connection and Gift Giving Event

Susan, Barb, Davi, Kat, Heidi M., Heidi C., Trish, Jody, and Lisa

More Gift Giving Love


Following Event Rules to Steal; as One Heidi Takes From Another!

Classic Heidi M. and Heidi C. Moment

They make me strive to be a better me!

How it started...